Every Member Matters

At Woodhouse Realty we are a family before a team, and for us every agent is a member of our family who matters. Meet us to understand how we build relationships beyond business and Real Estate beyond Walls

Why Woodhouse Realty

Woodhouse Realty is known to provide an environment to grow where our members grow from being Freshers to Pros to Legends all within 12 months. The secret to this explosive growth is the positive environment along with the unmatched tools, training and support.

Full Time Managing Broker Support

Access continuous guidance and support from our full-time managing broker, ensuring you’re equipped with the expertise needed to navigate the real estate landscape.

In-House Video Shoot and Editing

Elevate your marketing game with our in-house video shoot and editing services, creating compelling visual content to showcase your listings effectively.

Expert Brand Consultancy

Benefit from expert brand consultancy, refining your personal and professional brand to stand out in a competitive market.

Regular Offline Training Sessions

Stay at the forefront of industry trends and best practices with our regular offline training sessions, ensuring continuous growth and development.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

Rest easy knowing you’re covered with errors and omissions insurance, providing comprehensive protection for your real estate transactions.

Birthday Networking Lunch Parties

Celebrate milestones and network with colleagues during our birthday networking lunch party every month, fostering a supportive and collaborative community.

Real Estate IDX Website

Showcase your listings seamlessly with our real estate IDX website, offering a user-friendly platform for potential clients.

Online Learning Portal

Enhance your skills at your own pace through our online learning portal, providing convenient access to a wealth of real estate knowledge.

Exclusive Deals on Pre-sales

Enjoy exclusive deals on pre-sales, giving you a competitive edge in securing valuable opportunities for your clients.

Google Workplace

Streamline communication and collaboration with Google Workplace, a suite of powerful tools for efficient workflow management.

Industry Leading CRM

Manage your client relationships effortlessly with our industry-leading CRM, designed to optimize your workflow and enhance customer interactions.

Really Trusted App

Industry’s leading app to ensure compliance and timely completions.

Lead Generation Tools

Leverage our lead generation tools to identify and capitalize on valuable opportunities, keeping your pipeline consistently full.

Transaction Management Software

Simplify the complexities of transaction management with our robust software, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.


Experience a culture of approachability, fostering an environment where questions are welcomed, and collaboration is encouraged for your continued success.

You Can Join Our Family at Any Stage and Then Progress Ahead

You just got your real estate licence
You already know your way around and you are doing 1 or more deals every month
You have reached at a stage where you can not manage your clients and you need a team to support you.

Fresher - Launching Your Real Estate Career

Embarking on your real estate journey can be daunting, especially when you’re just getting started. At Woodhouse Realty, we understand the challenges that come with launching your independent business. As you complete your licensing and step into the market, our team provides comprehensive guidance and support. Unlike other brokerages, we go beyond advice – we offer in-house resources, sparing you the need to invest thousands of dollars to establish your brand. With a team of vibrant, young professionals, we create an environment where you can easily connect and relate. From initial consultation to orientation and marketing analysis, we’re committed to nurturing your growth. Let’s witness your transformation from a newcomer to a legend in the making.

Pros - Elevate Your Business

Once you’ve mastered the basics and can close deals with ease, you enter the Pro stage. This is when you’re ready to scale your business and take it to new heights. Woodhouse Realty is your partner in this journey, offering assistance as you set up campaigns to generate leads and create compelling content for organic inquiries. Our focus is on helping you grow your business autonomously, leveraging your expertise while providing the support and resources needed to reach your full potential. Elevate your real estate career with us, and let’s achieve new milestones together.

Legends - Cultivate Your Real Estate Empire

As a successful real estate agent, there comes a point when managing all your deals becomes a challenge. This is the opportune time to build a team and create an environment where collective efforts contribute to the growth of your empire. Woodhouse Realty understands that at the Legends stage, you need autonomy to structure and manage your team. We provide the ideal environment where we don’t interfere with your team’s internal workings. If you’re ready to take the leap and build your brand through a team, we offer unwavering support and guidance. Join us at Woodhouse Realty, and let’s shape your team into a brand that stands the test of time.

Your Special Invitation

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to meet our esteemed management team and uncover the secrets behind the success of our sales professionals. Delve into how our results-driven motivation, tailored coaching, cutting-edge marketing strategies, and unwavering technical support can amplify your success in the world of real estate. We extend this invitation because we believe in your potential to be the best.

The best to begin is now!